Parking Aids

Many vehicles have far from perfect rear visibility and it is easy to miss seeing a post, wall or even a child.   Reversing aids, such as parking sensors and reversing cameras remove the guess work when reversing – enabling to you reverse confidently and safely in difficult situations.

Damage caused whilst reversing is an annoyance and can be be surprisingly expensive to repair.  Fitting parking sensors can be a solid investment as even a minor dent could easily outweigh the cost of purchasing and fitting an entry level system.

Parking Sensors

A parking sensor incorporates a set of sensors (eyes) fitted into your bumper, these sensors emit a signal that is looking for objects in its range, if an object is found it will let you know via an audible buzzer or and display. The sensors that are mounted into your vehicles bumper can be colour coded to suit your vehicle.

Southern Motor Security can supply and professionally fit parking sensors to a wide range of vehicles from £150.

Reversing Cameras

There are many systems available that enable you to see what is behind you and how close it is, for example when reverse parking. Our reversing cameras can be bumper mounted or body mounted normally up high depending on vehicle.

These cameras are viewed through a variety of TFT LCD Monitors. Dashboard mounted or rear view mirror monitors (clips over your existing rear view mirror. The monitor acts as a mirror until turned on and then you can see the image in it).
Prices from: £280.00 fitted .

All of our prices include VAT and Shipping.