Other Services

At Southern Motor Security we are able to fit almost any form of electronics to almost any vehicle.  We fit tracking systems to plant machinery, alarms to boats and any number of other combinations. There are however a few other areas that we get asked about more frequently:

Cruise Control

Having cruise control fitted to your vehicle helps you relax whilst driving, reduce emissions, save fuel and avoid accidental speeding.

Fleet Management

Run your business vehicle fleet more efficiently with the help of a fleet management and tracking system.  We can advise on a number of fleet management solutions, including contract based and pay as you go, self tracking options.  Advantages of fleet management include:

  • Full visibility of your whole fleet of vehicles at any time
  • Zoom in on any vehicle
  • Monitor speeds
  • Monitor engine stopping and starting
  • Monitor engine idle
  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • Mileage reports
  • Improve your drivers with protection and security
  • Reduce fleet costs
  • Improve customer services
  • Adhere to health and safety
  • Demonstrate a duty of care

Sat Nav / GPS Navigation

Get from A to B faster and without the stress using a smarter navigation system.  We can supply and professionally fit satellite navigation systems that utilise live traffic data to help you avoid the jams and get you to your destination faster.  We can also combine Sat Navwith safety camera warnings, Europe wide navigation and even stolen vehicle tracking systems.

Hand Free Kits

Stay safe and legal behind the wheel with a hands free kit. Southern Motor Security will professionally install your choice of car kit whether it’s a Bluetooth type or has a charging cradle to hold and charge your phone.

The installation shall be fully installed as it will work through your stereo system speakers, with it a small microphone to pick up your voice and some sort of device mounted near to the driver enabling the driver to safely operate the hands free car kit.