Motorhome Security

Motorhomes are a popular target with vehicle thieves. Not only are motorhomes valuable vehicles in their own right, but they are also often laden with valuable contents.  Whether your motorhome is on your drive whilst you sleep, or on a camp-site whilst you are on holiday you need to be sure that it is safe and secure.

Motorhome Alarms

Keep your motorhome protected with our range of alarm systems from Autowatch. Our installations are specific to motorhomes and based on our experience of thousands of motorhome alarm installations.  Whether you are adding the first alarm to your motorhome or upgrading the factory fit alarm / immobiliser for something more secure, we can advise on the best solutions and then fit the alarm both effectively and discretely.

Basic systems from £199
Insurance / Thatcham approved systems from £325

Other Motorhome Security Options

We are also able to offer a number of specialist options to meet the specific security needs of your motorhome.  These include:

  • (PIR)Passive Infra Red Sensors £70 Additional internal movement sensors for larger Motorhomes
  • Extra Contact Switches £35 each To protect external lockers and their contents
  • Bike Rack Protection Loop £65  Protect bikes fixed to the outside of your Motorhome using the main alarm
  • External Flashing LED From £25 Deterrent lights, front and/or rear
  • Internal Sound Bomb £20 An ear piercing screeching sounder inside your Motorhome that sounds if your alarm is triggered
  • Text Alert System £POA If your alarm system is triggered this system will send a text message to your mobile phone letting you know
  • Text Alert Tracking systems £POA some of our Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems can be combined with our alarm systems. You will be alerted if your alarm goes off.
  • Gas Alarm £60 Help Protect yourself against LPG gas (butane, propane, methane), natural gas, knock-out gas, coal gas & carbon manoxide

Motorhome Immobilisers

Should a thief gain access to your Motorhome you want to be sure that they cannot steal it. Each time your engine is turned off the immobiliser will automatically turn itself on. The system features dual-circuit immobilisation to frustrate attempts to start the engine by hot-wiring. We would generally fit immobiliser systems to vehicles that are imported or older than the year 1999 as they would not have a secure immobiliser on them.

Prices from £110

 Other popular Motorhome Systems

  • Cruise control : Help save fuel on your travels
  • Solar panels : Top up your batteries whilst off-site
  • SatNav : Built in Satellite Navigation systems
  • Hands free :  Hands free car phone systems

All of our prices include VAT & Shipping.