Caravan Alarms and Caravan Security

Caravans are a tempting target for a growing number of thieves. Valuable, easily towed and often full of valuable belongings it is easy to see why. Improving your caravan’s security with a specialist caravan alarm or stolen caravan tracking system is quick and affordable.

Keep your Caravan protected with our range of caravan alarm systems from Autowatch. Our installations are specific to caravans and based on our experience of hundreds of caravan alarm installations.  Whether you are just adding an alarm or tracking system have confidence with Southern Motor Security to provide quality at an affordable price, we can advise on the best solutions and then fit the alarm both effectively and discretely.

Caravan Alarms

Standard Caravan Alarm £225
This entry level alarm system has an internal PIR movement sensor (can easily be excluded if you want the alarm on but be inside) and a switch that will be fitted to your entry door. Supplied with two remote controls to turn the alarm on/off and is also a Panic button.

Options: extra switches can be added for lockers, Movement sensor for if towed away and a leg sensor – if wound up the leg sensor will trigger.

Fully Comprehensive Caravan Alarm £399
This caravan alarm system is really simple to use and designed to give you years of trouble free operation. Made with the highest quality components and using state of the art technology you can be assured that your caravan is well protected with this alarm. Includes encrypted remote control 4 button touch key override, Wireless PIR and Wireless leg sensor.

Features include: Temporary inner zone exclusion, silent arm/disarm via remote controls, Awning courtesy light, Low batter indicators of main and backup batteries, false alarm prevention, rapid test mode for installers.

Options: Flashing awning light, remote panic alarm, instant alarm trigger, alarm system battery backup, pager or tracking system output, anti-tamper security housing.

 Caravan Trackers

Scorpiontrack Caravan From £349
The latest stolen caravan tracking system, comes with 5 years warranty, Battery tamper alert, low battery alert, locate on demand via website, 24hour monitored and European coverage. System is transferable, can be fitted to your next caravan.

Yearly subscription £130
Ownership subscription £350

Tracker Monitor £460
One of the best known names in stolen caravan tracking systems, Tracker Monitor offers 24 hours monitored and European coverage.

Yearly subscription £149
Ownership subscription £399

 Caravan Gas Alarms

Help protect yourself against LPG (Butane, Propane or Methane), natural gas, knock-out gas, coal gas and Carbon Monoxide.Caravans gas alarms protect you from gas leakage and other gas events whilst you sleep from just £60.

All of our prices include VAT & Shipping.