Car Security

Car Alarms

A professionally fitted car alarm not only decreases the chance of your car being stolen or broken in to, but can also help you qualify for cheaper car insurance.  Modern car alarms are a far cry from the annoying systems of old that seemed to go off at random.  Technology has improved to not only make for more reliable and less obtrusive alarms, but also to increase the security that they provide to your vehicle.

Car Alarms can be fitted to nearly any vehicle so whether you want or need one for insurance purposes or just peace of mind we will have the solution for you.

Prices from £180

Standard features are: all doors, boot and bonnet are protected by a switch and the interior has ultrasonic movement sensors, all remote controls are anti-scan rolling code.

Most of our systems are insurance recognised and all systems are fitted to the guide lines of VSIB (Vehicle Systems Installation Board) and to the installation requirements of Thatcham.


An immobiliser protects your vehicle by stopping the engine running unless the correct key is used.  This vital piece of vehicle security equipment has helped reduce car crime in the UK since becoming a compulsory addition to all new cars.

The good news is that, if your cars was built for the UK market after October 1998, it almost certainly already has an immobiliser fitted.  However older cars, imported vehicles and other types of vehicles may be missing this vital piece of security. In some circumstances insurers may also require that your existing immobiliser is upgraded.

Prices from £110

Immobilisers on Older Cars

Cars build before 1999 are unlikely to have an immobiliser fitted as standard, leaving many valuable classic cars unprotected.  At Southern Motor Security we can fit modern, effective immobilisers to older vehicles to help bring the security up to the standard needed today.  As immobilisers are invisible once fitted and our expert installers will take every care, the only difference is the increased security of your car.

Immobilisers for Imported Cars

Self-imported cars are a growing trend in the UK.  With imports sometimes offering great cost-savings and wider choice the appeal is clear.  However imported vehicles will not be built to UK specifications which could mean that your car is not protected with an immobiliser.  Without an immobiliser you car is certainly at greater risk of theft, but you may also struggle to insure it.

Fitting an immobiliser to a modern import car is a straight forward job.  We can protect all makes and models.

Immobiliser Upgrades for Insurance

Insurance companies may require that the standard immobiliser in your vehicle  is upgraded to provide greater security. If this is the case please talk to us about their requirements and we will help you find the best solution for your vehicle.


All of our prices include VAT & Shipping.